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  1. For factory loads, the .44 Mag ammunition is going to be quite a bit more expensive than the .357 Mag rounds. The same goes for the brass when loading by hand. While there are rounds available that are cheaper and on the high end of the price spectrum for the 44 Mag vs 357 Mag, averages lean towards the .44 Mag is a more expensive cartridge
  2. I have a great old model SW 19 357 magnum, a SW 629 44 magnum, and a Glock 32 SIG 357 , and can shoot each just fine with great accuracy with any cartridge. The 44 is much more powerful than the 357 cartridge. I would always choose the 44 if I were in the woods, or for open carry. I would, and do, carry the Glock most days
  3. This indicates what we already knew: The 44 magnum is much more powerful than the 357 magnum. When he changes things up to compare the most commonly-used bullet weight for each cartridge, you can really see the difference. 158 grains in the 357 conjured up an average velocity of 1363 fps and 651 foot-pounds of energy, while 240 grains in the 44 gave him 1270 fps and 859 foot-pounds

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  1. .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Velocity and Energy. When I shot these groups, I also took velocity readings with our LabRadar. This device measures the muzzle velocity just like a chronograph does, but it also can also tell us the velocity at various increments as the bullet moves down range. I had it set to give readings at 50, 100, and 150 yards
  2. Fiocchi also makes a .357 magnum 142 TMJ round that is reasonable cheap to shoot at the range. Pretty hot round. The SP101 is the 3 barrel version. That's the smallest barrel length I care to shoot .357 magnums from. I like both the .44 and .357 magnums, but if I could only choose one, it would be a good .357 with a 4 barrel
  3. The .357 magnum is easier for more people to handle, and thus, gets used in more shootings, AND with better accuracy. If the same person shooting the .44 Magnum, and the .357 Magnum were equally skilled at handling both, the percentage of one shot stops would probably be the same. Follow-up shots have nothing to do with one shot stopping.
  4. erer hele markedet, Smith&Wesson. Har bestselgeren gjennom mange år med modellen 686 med 6 løp. Ellers finnes det mange flere modeller fra dette merket i 357 magnum

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357 magnum Hornady hollow point ammo on the left and Hornady 44 magnum hollow points on the right. Now we're talking. Unless you're comparing an unusually weak 44 Mag to an absolute monster of a 357 Mag, the 44 Mag is always going to benefit from an energy advantage 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum Price Comparison. Most shooters, on some level, are concerned with price. Although both of these handgun cartridges are not generally used in high-volume shooting, a difference of only a few dimes per shot can make a big difference over a lifetime of ownership I have a .357 magnum and it's fun to shoot too but I'm debating selling it for another .44 special or a .45acp Is the .357 more reliable manstopper or the .44? I'd trust the .357, but I also feel like it's so much faster that it could just go right through whereas the .44 is slower and makes larger holes .44 Mag or .357 Mag - which is better? Good question. The jury is still out on that question. It boils down to what each individual shooter likes or dislikes. I have both weapons. The .44 Mag is a S&W Model 29 with the big 7 inch barrel on it. A s.. It is important to educate yourself on the varying recoil effects of a .357 Magnum and a .44 Magnum prior to using them. Firing a .44 Magnum without having experienced the recoil of a .357 Magnum may result in injury

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  1. .44 special. 180 gr XTP bullet with 10.7 gr of VV N350 will clock you about 1173 fps. Not too shabby. That is 549 foot pounds of energy from a .44 diameter bullet. Toting that around in a .44 snubbie will let some Goblin or Wild Critter know you were thinking of them..357 magnum
  2. 357. Magnum vs 44. Magnum? went to a gunshow and saw 2 guns i like, a 357 and a 44. i talked to the dealer and he told me where i can find is shop, i went in there and couldnt decide which one i wanted, i really want a gun and im tied between a 44 and 357 and i only can afford one. Which is a better weapon overall..
  3. 357 Mag vs 44 Mag vs 45 Colt. Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by j102, Oct 10, 2015. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Oct 10, 2015 #1 But the .44 Magnum...along with the ability to shoot the .44 Special...is the best all around caliber for both defense and hunting
  4. .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Lever Actions - Lucky Gunner It's time for part two of our Lever Action Rifle Series! Today, we're looking at .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum when fired from lever action rifles (in this case, two identical rifles -- a pair of Henry X Models)

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357 Magnum vs. 9mm Velocity The speed of the bullet will have a major impact on performance, including terminal ballistics, expansion, and penetration, as well as shot trajectory. Because it has an extended case, which means more propellant behind the bullet, the .357 Magnum in general has higher muzzle velocity Auch bei Gewaltverbrechern - nacht´s um 3.00 Uhr - wirkte die .357 Magn. mit Bauch .- und mehrfachen Lauftreffern unzureichend. Der Gangster schleppte sich mehrere Hundert Meter bis er im Wundbett steckte. Hört mir auf mit dem Kal. .357 Win.Magnum. Die .41 Magnum ist gut, die .44 Magnum ( der Gnadenhammer ) ist umwerfend. Einfach: GREAT The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .327 Federal Magnum vs .357 Magnum ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, o

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44 Magnum Vs. 357 Magnum Recoil Det er viktig å utdanne deg selv på varierende rekyl virkningene av en .357 Magnum og en .44 Magnum før du bruker dem. Firing en .44 Magnum uten å ha opplevd rekylen fra en .357 Magnum kan føre til skade. Historien om .357 Magnum Den .357 Magnum va This more or less cut .357 Magnum off at the pass. The niche filled up before anyone could get a .357 Magnum semi into mass circulation. More technically, .357 Magnum is a Rimmed cartridge, which simply don't function as reliably in box magazine autoloaders The .357 is well suited for a defensive, as well as hunting firearm. It can also shoot the .38 special which is in my opinion more suitabe for defense, while the .357 will suffice as a hunting round. The .44 is a bit powerful for self defense, but the 44 magnum can also shoot the .44 special, which will be plenty adequete for defense Today, the .357 magnum is considered by many to be about the bare minimum for hunting deer with a handgun. This is because the ammunition is not quite as potent as it once was. However, both the .357 magnum and .44 magnum have about twice the kinetic energy when fired from a rifle, making them a MUCH safer bet for clean kills If after some training you are proficient with a .44 magnum you still have the concealment problem. There is really no such thing as a small .44 magnum (there may be some novelty derringer-type .44's out there, but I can't image how bad that recoil would be). It will be much easier to conceal a 5-shot .357 magnum. Besides, .357 magnum.

Also very pertinent since I was back and forthing between 357 and 44- 357 to go with revolvers I already have, 44 as an excuse to get a super blackhawk. Looks like I'm just gonna go with a 357. Bravo_Six. .357 Magnum vs .44 Magnum Lever Actions. General » General Discussion 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum: A Brief History. The 357 Magnum (also known as .357 S&W Magnum) was developed around 1934 by Elmer Keith, Phil Sharpe, and the Smith & Wesson firearm manufacturers. Around this period, the US police force was in desperately looking for a cartridge with better terminal ballistics in self-defense or shooting/hunting.


What is the difference between .357 Magnum and .45 Colt? 1. The projectile sizes are different- one is .357-.358 inch in diameter, the other is .452 -.454 inch in diameter. 2. Standard Projectile weights are significantly different . 3. SAAMI Stan.. The .44 Magnum was an immediate success, and the direct descendants of the S&W Model 29 and the .44 Magnum Ruger Blackhawks are still in production, and have been joined by numerous other makes and models of .44 Magnum revolvers and even a handful of semi-automatic models, the first being produced in the 1960s The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .357 Magnum vs .454 Casull ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketi

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I don't think I have ever heard the debate of the .44 Special vs the .357 Magnum on whitetail deer. The .44 Special with good handloads and the right bullet will drop a deer. But what about a good 170 grain SWC moving at 1,300 fps from the .357? So which of these two is better That's nothing 500 rounds of 357 Magnum in an hour out of an autoloader you could easily do that if you had multiple magazines and had someone loading them for you I've shot at least 300 maybe 400 rounds out of a GP100 Ruger 357 Magnum in about 2 hours and my hands weren't vibrating or tingling crazily now I do have a Hogue monogrip on there that soaks up quite a bit of recoil but I'm. The .357 Magnum has the penetration to reach vital organs in the bear, but what are the chances of making that shot in an emergency? In this observers humble opinion, the .357 Magnum is marginal at best for protection against bears. I would want something considerably larger. In handguns, the .44 Magnum would be my baseline

Before the .44 Magnum was introduced, people stopped caring too much about the .45 Colt because of two reasons: the showstopper known as .357 Magnum, and fans of the .44 Special selling it non-stop as the finest cartridge to have ever existed The .357 Magnum vs. the .45 Colt: Quick and low, big and something more and after a couple of years of development the .357 Magnum was introduced in 1935 by using the .38-44 as a stopgap.. This isn't the case for the .44 Magnum's parent, the .44 Special. It runs closer to .357 prices. You aren't going to get magnum performance out of most .38 Special ammo. But plinking tin cans or punching paper, you probably won't care. Availability. The .357 Magnum is simple a .38 Special cartridge that has been lengthened by 1/8 of an.

Because the .357 Magnum is loaded with more powder, the velocity is significantly more. During its initial development, in order to withstand the higher chamber pressure, the .44 Special handgun was adapted to accept the new .357 Magnum round. The .44 was much better suited to handle the higher pressures created by the .357 Magnum firing Unlike the .357 Magnum, the .357 SIG's bullet diameter doesn't exactly measure three-hundred fifty-seven thousandths of an inch. It's around two thousandths of an inch narrower, which means if you're planning to reload, a bullet meant for the .357 magnum will not fit in a 357 SIG case Black bear vs. .357 Magnum Our trip was planned, but my buddy called off, so I went solo into opening day at south Sequoia National Park 1979. I had backpacked in about 4 miles when I found a disturbing sight. It was a campsite that was torn apart and it seemed the humans made a hasty retreat.. Ok, before I start I know the 357 vs. 44 mag has been debated to death. I am asking this question as I want to pick up a new Ruger Super Blackhawk in either on of the calibers. I plan on using this solely for whitetail/ coyote hunting. I do know the 357 with the right loads in plenty ample for the above game out to 70 yards. I would like to hear opinions from actual users of said calibers and. Traditionally, the .357 magnum has a long track record of a mini-hand cannon for personal defense. In mark3smle test you can see the .357 penetration at 22 inches. The 10mm is a newcomer in the hunting world, but has become a big player in the market for bear hunters or anyone needing extra power

.357 Magnum vs .38 Special comparison. The .38 Special and .357 Magnum are both rimmed, centerfire cartridges commonly used in revolvers. Except for case length, the .38 and .357 are virtually identical. .38 cartridges can be fired from revolvers chambered for the .357, but the converse is not.. For example someone that lives in Alaska will probably go with a .44 Magnum, but someone in Michigan would use a Ruger GP100 .357. Also, this caliber is better for longer range than a .45ACP..45 ACP users are mostly EDC personal defense carriers and those that love the big bores

.357 Magnum Vs 9mm: Melee Of The Medium Bores Handgun rounds in the .38 caliber family have always been the most popular, but since some (.38 Special, .380) are a bit weak the most popular are .357 Magnum vs 9mm.Each of these rounds has a long history and pedigree of efficacy in the realm of self-defense, so that both are good carry rounds is not in dispute The Designs of 44 Mag and 45 Colt. Although its name is 44 Mag, the diameter of the bullets is not .44 inches. The real size of the shots is smaller than I expected, which is about .429 inches in diameter. And the rim is about 1.285'' of length. And one specific difference from 44 Mag Full loads in a 44 Magnum are only needed for hunting elk or Brown bear. 44 Special loads in that 44 Mag revolver are fine for home defense, and are now available in Hornady Critical Defense. The 357 is actually more than needed for home defense, and tends to spend a lot of time pointing at the ceiling in repeated fire when using full loads In the end it's not a case of the .38 Special vs. .357 Magnum, rather it's about which one makes sense at the time you need it. We could find many reasons to ONLY buy a .38 Special firearm. We could also easily convince ourselves that the only revolver worth having between the two calibers is a .357 Magnum, because it can fit both rounds and gives you more versatility, but it's not that. I have been carrying a Taurus 44 magnum with an 8 3/8 barrel but considering changing to a 41 magnum. Carrying while bear hunting. No rifle, just the pistol. Thoughts. Besides the thought that I'm an idiot. I already know that

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The .357/44 Bain & Davis is a centerfire pistol cartridge designed ca. 1964 by Keith Davis, by partner and pistolsmith of the Bain & Davis Gunshop of San Gabriel, California. The purpose was to give improved velocity over the .357 Magnum by using the larger .44 Magnum case necked down to hold a 0.357 diameter bullet.. Initially, Smith and Wesson Model 27 revolver cylinders were modified to. .357 Magnum vs .38 Spesiell sammenligning. .38 Special og .357 Magnum er begge rimmede, midtfirepatroner som ofte brukes i revolvere. Bortsett fra tilfelle lengde, er .38 og .357 nesten identiske 38 kassetter kan bli sparket fra revolvere kammerert for .357, men den omvendte er ikke. Regardless the 357 Magnum set the stage for magnum-mania which continues today in cartridge development, though it has slowed somewhat. Side by side there really is no serious way to compare the 38 Special +P with a 357 Magnum. The comparison though is interesting to see the relative power differential between the two As .44 Magnum is based on .44 Special loaded to high pressures, the rounds have similar dimensions. Actually, you should be able to fire .44 Special using guns chambered in .44 Magnum which speaks volume about the similarities in the profile of the rounds

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